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Piercing Lust
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Bloodlust, knifeplay, sexuality, and where they intersect

you could kill with the best of them
but your smile remains so sweet
when someone comes to eat me alive
I like to see their teeth

Piquerism or picquerism (from the French piquer - "to prick") is a paraphilia in which one finds pleasure in stabbing or cutting bodies with sharp objects. It is a form of sadism. The most frequently targeted areas of the body are the breasts, buttocks, or groin. (From Encycopedia.com.)

Examples: Jack the Ripper, Albert Fish, the maker of this community, and, ideally, you.

This is a community for the discussion of piquerism, primarily by people who have it. There will be no advocating criminal acts here, but this *will* be a free space for people to say what's really going on with them.

There aren't many rules, but there are a few.

1.) This is, as I said, Safe Space. Period. Say anything and everything you feel like saying, if it's on topic and you're not actively inciting people to commit crimes or advocating the commission of the crime anywhere it might get me in trouble.

2.) That's the second rule -- for the sake of not stirring up shit, friend's-lock everything that could cause trouble for any reason, or that could 'trigger' other piquerists/blood-lustful types; graphic transcriptions of fantasies, descriptions of past crimes, that sort of thing.

3.) This is intended more for piquerists than for people studying piquerism, but anyone who wants to discuss the topic is welcome. You may also discuss certain other related topics (most serial killers are appropriate) but in general, it should relate back to the topic of the community (you can talk about how 'enjoyable' a given slasher movie was, but I don't want the comm full of ads for Texas Chainsaw Massacre fan communities.)

4.) A certain amount of shorthand is fine. Netspeak will get you banned.

5.) Anyone who joins who is not a piquerist themself -- you're welcome so long as your intent is neutral to friendly. People who want to 'help', 'save', bitch at, or otherwise waste my time and that of everyone else in the community can feel free to skip wasting theirs.

Right now, joining and posting are unmoderated. If I have to change that, I will. -- dacnomaniac