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The Nightmare (yaoi, rape, torture, blood/violence, angst, romance) - Piercing Lust

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February 28th, 2010

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12:11 am - The Nightmare (yaoi, rape, torture, blood/violence, angst, romance)
The characters and story belong to me; this is an original fiction. A bit of background information: Xerin comes from a world where Nightmares exist. They are the physical embodiment of a human's fear, and everyone has them.

This is the first time I've actually written a real pornographic short story, and the first time I've published anything. You can also find this on GUROchan.net and AdultFanfiction.net If you don't like the content, don't read. I don't want to hear it. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

It had been another long day.

Leaning over the white porcelain sink, Xerin splashed cold water across his face, as if trying to shock the exhaustion from his features. He rubbed his knuckles into his eyes before switching the knob off and reaching for a towel from the rack plastered to the wall. The rough texture grated his pale skin raw but he didn't mind. He turned and allowed a glance to the mirror; the reflection was battered and broken. He didn't recognize this shell of a self.

He turned cold shoulder to the stranger staring back at him, eyes green like sea glass but empty and tired. He wanted nothing more than to lay down and go to sleep, that dreary feeling of 'I hope I never wake up' ringing in his mind. He opened the bathroom door and wandered silently, carefully, into the bedroom, understanding that such a wish would never come true.

He crawled quietly into the bed, stretching bruised legs and allowing that delicious, tingling feeling of relaxation to run up his spine as he settled onto his side, his hands curled in close to his chest. He could feel that tha-thump against his fingertrips, quiet and fast like a small bird's. His eyelids were heavy but his eyes were wide open, fearful, pupils dilated. He couldn't take his gaze from the corner of the room.

There a shadow formed deeper than any natural darkness; spidery tendrils of heavy ink spilling like a forboding cloud across the floor. Then they rose out of the wood and the walls and began to twist into the shape of a man, his body elongated to the tips of his toes, head thrown back and a grin on his pink lips. Slowly he became solid and a gutteral laugh rumbled deep in his throat. His sweeping hair was as crimson as fresh blood, his eyes blazing amethyst. There insanity lurked, as cruel and unruly as fire.

There was no echo of footsteps as he approached the bed, just the sound of Xerin's shallow breathing overwhlemed by otherwise piercing silence. When he reached the edge of his mattress his body lurched as he crawled onto the bed on all fours, fingers crushing the dark sheets, sharp nails gripping fabric. There was a sort of strength in the graceful curve of his back; his naked form was powerful yet soft and lithe and Xerin cringed at the sight of it.

The Nightmare outstretched his hand, brushing his fingers through the shaking boy's white hair. He pursed his lips into a smirk as the human glared feebily past him. He took in the beautiful bruises all across his pale skin, accentuating his cheekbones and his clavicle. Tthe black and the blue against white was almost artistic. "You are so beautiful," he whispered into the nape of his neck, pressing his mouth against the dark, bloody blothes and licking. Xerin gasped and Aiden felt it through his skin. God, he felt so real.

"I hate you," responded the other, swallowing a sob in an attempt to appear defiant and unwavering. He didn't move away, he simply lay as still as he could manage.

The monster laughed. It was mocking and sarcastic and it cut deep into Xerin's resolve. The boy gritted his teeth and then sat up quickly, placing his feet on the cold floor in an attempt to get up, but he was quickly and harshly grabbed by the wrist. He let out a cry, the messy slashes there still fresh with pain. Aiden merely smiled and said to him, almost sweetly, "I am going to do terrible things to you."

Xerin stifled a fearful sob as he willed his weak bones to fight, but he couldn't hope to escape before he was pushed down onto the bed and a hand was around his throat, crushing his windpipe. He sputtered and coughed, clawing viciously at the strong hand. Aiden pushed him to the limit of consciousness, moaning as he shared a sense of near-death with Xerin. He could almost feel his hand on his own neck, squeezing. His other hand ripped at buttons, carelessly ripping apart the human's silk shirt.

Just as those green eyes began to roll back into the whimpering boy's head, he let go. The quick rasping sounds as he tried to drink air back into his lungs exhilierated him. He leaned down to kiss the newly forming bruises around his throat. There was such beauty in his suffering. He didn't hold back in telling him so.

Aiden forcefully pressed his lips to the boy's and tasted his delirium. Xerin felt his newly found breath being stifled again, as if the Nightmare's darkness was being forced inside of him. He used weak arms to push at the man's chest to no avail; instead his wrists were pinned behind his head with ease. He gagged as the man's poison tongue lapped at the back of his throat.

Clawed fingernails dragged down his supple flesh, tracing teasing circles around his hardening nipples. He swallowed a betraying mewl, but as suddenly as Aiden broke away from his kiss he violently twisted Xerin's sensitive flesh between his fingernails. He cried out, half in pain and half in surprise, managing to land a punch right to Aiden's nose.

There was a noise of shocked pain, which ended in a series of brutal beatings to Xerin's eye, in which the boy responded with cries and writhing. He curled his hands to his face, hissing and pressed his palm to the wound in attempt to make it stop hurting so badly. He could hear Aiden's deep velvet voice through the ringing in his ears: "I'll give everything back tenfold."

Where he once twisting his nipples, he brought Xerin out of his self-obsessed frency, he bit down hard enough to draw blood and elicit another deliciously horrified scream. The heat of his breath as he laughed burned the edges of his broken skin. His wet tongue sucked out as much blood as he could get, his nose trailing blood across Xerin's pale, shuddering chest. His heart hammered as if trying to escape his ribs.

As Aiden's eager hands ventured lower, he began whimpering pathetic protests of, "No, no, I'll kill you, I hate you, no, you monster," over and over to himself. He raised his knees and attempted to kick him, but the Nightmare, eyes burning with hunger, merely licked his lips and pried them apart as he slipped his silk pajama pants down his skinny legs. In reponse, he quickly crossed thighs, sitting up and pushing at the other's strong shoulders violently. The backhanded slap he received stung his already heavy, throbbing bruises. Shining tears welled in his eyes as his back collided with the wooden headboard. More bruises were soon to dot his spine.

The Shadow traced the letters he'd carved into human's thigh, deep and jagged letters spelling 'ANGEL' in his marred flesh. He pressed his lips to it, trailing gentle kisses up his inner thighs. He could feel the blood pulsing wildly just beneath his rosey skin.

Slowly he made his way up to his hardening shaft, pressing his wet mouth in the shape of kisses along the smooth, slick flesh before taking it into his mouth. He earned a broken sigh of pleasure from Xerin, who quickly covered his mouth. He chuckled deep in his throat, his mouth vibrating around the boy's erection as he began to suck, tongue massaging and curling its way around his shaft. His fingers traced circles along his scrotum, eliciting a moan of pleasure from the blond. Finally the tears began to fall.

He pressed the tip of his tongue into the slit of Xerin's head before roughly squeezing his balls, ripping his nails into the tender flesh and scraping shavings of flesh beneath his nails. The moans quickly turned to shrieks of pain, followed by wriggling to escape. He withdrew his throat from his penis, stopping to swirl his tongue one last time along the tip, before grabbing the boy's thighs and forcing them apart.

Without so much as a lick to the tips of his fingers, he roughly pushed two deep inside of Xerin, fighting against the friction and thrusting in and out a few times. Xerin squeezed his thighs together, hissing and whimpering at the burning, his body rejecting the intrusion with all its might. The demon curled his fingers, tearing at the sensitive inner lining and drawing blood. He inserted another finger, repeating his actions and roughly scissoring, stretching the torn flesh to its limit. He chewed at his grinning lower lip as the beautiful cries of pain he was rewarded with.

He withdrew his red fingers, running his tongue along the length of his index finger. He then replaced his fingers with his tongue, teasing the outside of his hole before plunging it in and lapping up the metallic blood with fervor. Xerin hated himself for mewling and arching his back, and for the fact he was even harder now than he was before.

He allowed himself to be pulled back down and pushed into the sheets almost willingly, tears staining his cheeks with shimmer. He stared, eyes empty like a doll, at the cieling as Aiden loomed over him, pressing his thumbs deep into his jutting hips. He placed the tip of his hardened cock at Xerin's entrance, teasing it as he pushed slightly in and then pulled back out again. He sobbed and spread his legs further, wanting it and wanting it to be over at the same time.

Aiden jerked back and then shoved in with brute force and malice, groaning in uncomfortable pleasure at the tight wetness. Xerin's throat was raw from screaming, but it was soon muffled with a kiss, full of tongue and teeth. He pulled back and thrust back in, each time with impact enough to bruise them both. Each time Xerin let out a broken moan and Aiden an animalistic growl of satisfaction. He arched his back into his thrusts, allowing his erection to grind against Aiden's abdomen. He wrapped his legs around his waist and draped his arms over his shoulders, scratching vigorously at his back.

Instead of pain, each thrust was now filled with piercing pleasure. He felt stupid and mindless and utterly inhuman for enjoying it. He hated himself; he would much rather be in unbearable pain. Now he could only blame himself.

A distinct shudder ran through his entire body, his legs rigid, locking up, as he came close to orgasm. Aiden grasped his throbbing erection and squeezed, tight, blocking the entrance with his thumb as Xerin came, the semen fighting to squeeze it's way through the cracks and dripping down his shaft. Aiden pushed out a few more thrusts before orgasming into the blond's warm, bloody insides.

There was an explosion of tears as he leaned back against the bed, covering his face with the palms of his hands and unwrapping himself slowly from the Nightmare, feeling dirty and wet and utterly disgusting as the red semen dripped from his ass when Aiden pulled out. A wicked smile spread across his face as he looked down at the pathetic scene, sliding up next to him and watching his miserable expression up close. He wrapped an arm around his blood-stained chest, tracing circles across the dried surface.

"You are my savior."

Xerin tilted his head, wide-eyed, to stare directly into Aiden's violent purple eyes for the first time all night. There was so much fear and disbelief and hate and love and sorrow there. Aiden almost lovingly traced the back of his hand from cheekbone to chin and he gripped his hand, lacing his finger's together with the redhead's and crying into his palm.

He was Aiden's Angel, and Aiden was his worst Nightmare. But, really, they were both equally as sinful. They were made for each other. They would both be each other's end. They would both die horribly. They would both go to Hell.

He closed his eyes and leaned into his chest, resting his head where there was no heartbeat. Nothing. Silence.

He hated him more than anything in the world, he truly did.

But he also loved him more than anything he had ever known.

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Date:March 19th, 2011 03:03 am (UTC)
I liked it very much. I hope you keep writing.
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Date:September 28th, 2011 10:48 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Man, I haven't written in ages. I need some inspiration!

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