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Newbie_intro - Piercing Lust

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November 28th, 2009

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03:01 pm - Newbie_intro
Have literally just made an account after seraching around the site first, and didn't expect such a variety of groups to exist. I am 20 years old and at Univeristy studying (lots), um particularly Criminology, Psychology and Cultural Anthropology at the moment. I have lineage of Spartan decent and proudly display it whenever I can, I guess mastery of sharp objects, war and violence is in my blood then.

I have no friends in the 'real' world, never having been good at or wanting to bond with anyone, most people I have met are morons and subspecies that do not deserve the life they hold, but I guess thats just my view of the world, people seem to think I'm twisted, but it's not intentional.

I have been in violent situations but I instigated most of them myself. Back in my angsty teen years I was an alcoholic and drug addict, I cut myself and got into knife fights alot. There is just something about knife fights that surpasses anything else violent ya know? You are so close to the other person, right in that danger zone knowing at any second that blade could plunge into your flesh, and you sending yours into theirs.

Not particualrly sure if I am a little out of line here, I dont know how to interact with other people at all so let me know if I at all mess up or dont quite fit the mould. I looked up the definition of piquerism and though I dont meet all of the criteria I do meet some of it and wanted to meet some like minded folk. I definately use it as punishment, though I have never acheived any sexual gratification from it, it gives me a definite kick, but nothing sexual that I can recognise, I think perhaps Im just a violent person?

I have antisocial personality disorder as is reffered to over here, among other issues. So hi all and glad to meet you all.


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Date:March 23rd, 2010 09:19 pm (UTC)


You think you're unique or special, but you're really just sick. You claim to be courageous and love violence, but you're really just a coward with no friends. Why don't you just slit your wrists if you like cutting so much. Nobody cares about how fucking crazy you are

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