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Piercing Lust

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March 15th, 2010

01:34 am - hope this is allowed

dyke_riot...caters to any who practice an "alternative lifestyle", figured some might be interested

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February 28th, 2010

12:11 am - The Nightmare (yaoi, rape, torture, blood/violence, angst, romance)
The characters and story belong to me; this is an original fiction. A bit of background information: Xerin comes from a world where Nightmares exist. They are the physical embodiment of a human's fear, and everyone has them.

This is the first time I've actually written a real pornographic short story, and the first time I've published anything. You can also find this on GUROchan.net and AdultFanfiction.net If you don't like the content, don't read. I don't want to hear it. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy!

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November 28th, 2009

03:01 pm - Newbie_intro
Have literally just made an account after seraching around the site first, and didn't expect such a variety of groups to exist. I am 20 years old and at Univeristy studying (lots), um particularly Criminology, Psychology and Cultural Anthropology at the moment. I have lineage of Spartan decent and proudly display it whenever I can, I guess mastery of sharp objects, war and violence is in my blood then.

I have no friends in the 'real' world, never having been good at or wanting to bond with anyone, most people I have met are morons and subspecies that do not deserve the life they hold, but I guess thats just my view of the world, people seem to think I'm twisted, but it's not intentional.

I have been in violent situations but I instigated most of them myself. Back in my angsty teen years I was an alcoholic and drug addict, I cut myself and got into knife fights alot. There is just something about knife fights that surpasses anything else violent ya know? You are so close to the other person, right in that danger zone knowing at any second that blade could plunge into your flesh, and you sending yours into theirs.

Not particualrly sure if I am a little out of line here, I dont know how to interact with other people at all so let me know if I at all mess up or dont quite fit the mould. I looked up the definition of piquerism and though I dont meet all of the criteria I do meet some of it and wanted to meet some like minded folk. I definately use it as punishment, though I have never acheived any sexual gratification from it, it gives me a definite kick, but nothing sexual that I can recognise, I think perhaps Im just a violent person?

I have antisocial personality disorder as is reffered to over here, among other issues. So hi all and glad to meet you all.


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February 2nd, 2008

03:01 am - rotten!
WARNING: Graphic ContentCollapse )

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November 20th, 2007

01:02 pm
Ignore this if you read my personal journal.Collapse )

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September 26th, 2007

03:10 pm - topical free writing
behold a set of pressure-release valvesCollapse )

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September 7th, 2007

06:41 pm - N00b Post.
I don't quite know what to say, other than...hi?

And in case you were wondering, I'm not joining because it's "edgy," "badass" or "k3wl." I seriously get off to breaking skin with sharp objects, because of how it feels physically...you would not believe how many people have insinuated that I'm a half-wit teenage boy trying to create a scary image for himself. This is not the case.

Now that the matter is out of the way--I have no clue why this is sexually arousing for me. I was not abused (though my mother had two horrible marriages in a row while I was under 18,) I don't know if anyone in my biological family has it, and no one in my adoptive family has it. I've been like this since I can remember, though I didn't realize it was sexual until puberty.

I have Asperger's Syndrome, along with several other neurological things, which might count for something.

Oh, and my favorite sharp stabby things (heh) are knives, claw-sharpened fingernails and teeth (my canines are rather pointy.)

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August 17th, 2007

06:32 pm - Mod Post
I count five people who haven't made themselves known yet ... c'mon, there's nothing to watch if no one posts anything, and coldmusings and I certainly can't do it all. Let's go, guys! ;p

More seriously, yes, I would like to see intro posts, and other posts, but I know some of us are just plain not good at reaching out, so take as much time as you need to, but don't be shy. You're among your own kind here, for once. That's the point of it. You can comment to this or other intro entries if it's easier.

(And if some of you are watching/joining for reasons other than being piquerists, I want to see posts/comments from you as soon as possible. I've got my cards on the table; let's see yours.)

Other than that, meiiikeee brought up something I hadn't thought of, so here's the official scoop: Other than personal stories, experiences, fantasy, and the like, it's also appropriate to post relevant fictional stories, artwork, and other self-expressive things. Those who are piquerists are also not limited to posting solely about that particular issue ... I don't want it to turn into a flood of endless bitching, but I don't mind posts for advice, venting (especially if it's related,) that kind of thing. At least right now, when there's so few people that it can't hurt anything. We'll see what happens when/if the place gets bigger.

I have drawn this knife so many fucking times...

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August 14th, 2007

11:12 am - Introduction

Hi, my name is Daniel and I'm a recovering alcoholic.  ("Hi Daniel, *claps*")

I'm 23, currently residing in Pennsylvania but that will be changing soon (Utah, New Jersey, New York...undecided!)  I recently graduated from law school and am waiting to hear on the results of the Bar Exam.  I have Antisocial Personality Disorder (I'm a sociopath/psychopath).  My father had the gene and passed it on to me, in which case it worsened, after having a pretty fucked up childhood.  Close to the age of four, my uncle shot himself in the head while babysitting me.  I, luckily, got to see it.  My father blamed me, and beat me for my uncles death.  Beatings and rapings were frequent occurrences as I was growing up.

I'm a very violent person, sometimes with due cause...but most of the time for no reason at all.  I'm a slightly promiscuous person, not nearly as bad as it was 3-5 years ago, though.  I used to be able to get off no matter what.  I'd visualize blood, cutting someone, violence in general, in my head, during intimate moments, and that would do the trick for me.  Now, it seems this is not enough.  In the past 6 months, the only time I've been able to "get off" has been when blood was actually involved (which has happened twice, in that period of time.)  Even masturbation is a no go.  It seems my desires/urges are evolving.

I know you don't have to be in a situation even remotely similar to mine to be a piquerist, but I believe, in my case, my past is where it has stemmed from.

....I have no idea what else to say.

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August 13th, 2007

04:02 pm - Introductions
I see that there's people other than me here now. Who are you people and what are you here for? I introduced myself pretty thoroughly in the post below, but just to recap, you can call me Feral, I'm 22, I live in California, and I'm tired of feeling like a statistical anomaly when I know I'm not one. I know there are other people with the same experiences, ideas, thoughts, instincts, impulses, rituals, complsions, maybe not all in one person but a few here and there. I know none of us are precisely social, but let's sniff noses, eh?

Newcomers can make introduction posts or reply to this one with a comment, I don't care either way.

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